Our Mission:  To Help Our Community Achieve Optimal Health Through Principled, Gentle, Specific Chiropractic Care.

Welcome to Utley Chiropractic

We’re glad you’re here and count it a privilege to serve you. After being raised in this community, circumstances would have it that we would come back to serve our neighbors.

At Utley Chiropractic, we are providing a more comfortable life to our patients through Chiropractic Services and Wellness Care. We specialize in effective, gentle and specific care of the body, mainly the spine and its extremities (i.e., shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles and feet). We use state of the art equipment that helps diagnose and effectively treat your condition with speed and accuracy. Don’t suffer in silence or wait another day – call us so you can live that happy, healthy and active lifestyle that you and your family deserve!

Utley Chiropractic is a family owned and operated practice. We believe in delivering the best service possible, because we’re committed to growing our practice by referral.

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Read A Few of Our Many Patient Testimonials…

After being involved in an auto accident for the second time, I went to Dr. Utley and have never regretted that I did so. After the 1st accident, I visited the office of another well-known chiropractor and experienced nothing but pain, so severe that I could not perform normal daily functions and needed daily strong pain medication.
With treatment from Dr. Utley I have decreased my need for the pain medication by about 90% and I can do things I never thought I would be able to do without pain. He was professional with a wonderful bedside manner. He explained his treatment and answered all of my questions. His treatment was firm but gentle. His office staff is professional with the same caring manner.

Would I recommend Dr. Utley? You bet I would, without hesitation.

M. Johnson

I was invited to a wellness workshop at my church. Dr. Utley gave very helpfl information concerning our bodies, foods we eat, importance of sleep/rest and exercise to our overall wellness. I was surprised to learn that many of the aches and pains that I had been told just "comes with getting older" don't have anything to do with aging but rather with proper care of the body. It had been a long time since I was able to have full range of neck motion. I had to turn my whole upper body rather than just my head. It was very painful. I could not remember the last time I had been pain free. My doctor had done x-rays and showed me the arthritis in my neck and explained that as the reason why I had so much trouple and pain. I was told that I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. I was also dealing with severe leg cramps at night and dizzy spells when playing tennis. I could stay on the court for about an hour before the dizziness would start.

Frances M.

Dr. Utley was recommended to me over a year ago by a friend who has been my friend for over 25 years. I trust her decisions. I previously worked in corporate america and frequently suffered with disabling headaches that were so severe, I couldn't function. I was sent to neurologist several times for exams & test. I was told that they were something called Icepick Headaches; and they literally felt like someone was taking a knife or icepick & stabbing me in my head. After leaving my job, the headaches seemed to disappear for a couple of years. All of a sudden, last year--2011 around November, they started again. I couldn't function. The pain was so severe my new co-workers wanted to rush me to the emergency room. I went home, and self-medicated. This occurred off & on for well over a week. Fortunately, I met my friend for lunch & informed her of my situation. She referred Dr. Utley. I immediately made an appointment. He is very compassionate, kind, and professional. We discussed my history, and he immediately started working on me that day to give me some relief. I was still a little apprehensive because the headaches were so bad. He didn't just work on my head, he worked on shoulders, and neck as well. My case was so severe, that I needed to come several times the first month, (but noticed results in the first week). I kept coming over several months, but the visits were reduced until I only needed to come if I could tell issues were about to start. I still come to Dr. Utley periodically, a year later if I start to have any type of consistent headaches, or shoulder pain. Most recently I feel like he helped a problem that I was having with TMJ. Years ago, I truly did not believe in the Chiropractic Services; however, I am not only a believer, I am Living Proof---and I thank Dr. Utley for being a great part of that.

Carolyn J.