We are Appointed to Serve

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Everything, I believe, happens for a reason.  Nothing is by chance.  The people we meet, the reason why we are late, the choices we make, etc.  It all works in the grand scheme of things and we cannot even begin to understand why.  This is what brings us to our word of the week, APPOINTED.  Appointed is something that has been pre-planned and determined.  Taking it a bigger step forward, appointed is somewhat of being anointed to fulfill the works of our Lord.  Being appointed comes with responsibility.  We have to be prepared when our appointed time comes because if we are not, we may miss out on whatever life has to offer.  When people are in suffering in pain and dysfunction, this can hinder or diminish their appointed time(s) with destiny (Pretty deep).  Every practice member we have seen and will encounter, were appointed to us at that specific time. We have been appointed to serve them to the best of our abilities in order for them to live their life as abundantly as possible.  This is something that we do not take lightly because we do not know how far reaching our chiropractic care can go.  The care we provide is more than just for that individual.  It is for their family, friends, co-workers, the strangers they encounter, our community and even the world.  Piggy backing off our previous word of the week, Energy, we want our practice members to achieve optimal health to restore hope and positivity that is transferred to others so their appointed time can be maximized.


Brian T. Utley, D.C.

Utley Chiropractic


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Perception is the Main Factor

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Utley Chiropractic’s word of the week for August 2nd-8th is Perception.  I am reading a book called the Energy Bus and they came up with this equation E + P = O.  The “E” stands for Events, the “P” stands for Perception and the “O” stands for Outcome.  In life, we all are faced with challenges and events.  These events are inevitable, whether they are issues relating to family, financial, health, etc.  Our Perception is the determining factor because it will ultimately determine our Outcome.  When our practice members begin their Chiropractic Care with us, their event could be they are suffering in pain and dysfunction. Their perception is what brings them to us whether positive or negative.  Negative perceptions could be that they were told that they would have to take medications, have surgery or that they will not ever improve.  This leads to a negative outcome.  On the other hand, when you hear about chiropractic from a referral, research or whatever source, there is a possibility of hope.  Our goal at Utley Chiropractic is to restore hope to those who have lost hope of ever achieving optimal health in order to achieve a positive outcome.  In the Book of Proverbs 23:7, it states, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”  I believe wholeheartedly that our attitude and perception shape our lives so it is crucial that we continue to be positive, faithful and hopeful so we can maximize our outcomes.


Brian Utley, D.C.

What Kind of Energy Do You Have?

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I’m sitting here thinking about the good ole’ college days and having to take those required physic courses to graduate.  Now that I am older and a little wiser, I really wish I would have taken those courses seriously because it is actually an awesome subject to learn.  Physics, the “knowledge of nature”, is a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force.  Our word of the week for August 10-15, 2015 is ENERGY and according to the law of conservation, Energy is neither created nor destroyed but transferred from one form to another.  I started thinking about this and it hit me, this is a Law! This is not something made up, it is a fact.  Energy is always present wherever we go.  We also play a major factor in the type of energy we have and therefore what type of energy we convey.  When I think about it, there are two types of energy in dealing with emotions, positive and negative.  When I am going through my day especially with my family and practice, I want to make sure the energy that we send out is positive.  That effect can be so powerful because we have no idea of how far reaching it can go.  When a practice member who is going through pain and dysfunction comes into the practice, their energy at times, is not as positive as it can be and rightfully so.  They are hurting.  It is hard to be positive when things are not right.  We try to help change that energy into a positive one, by first focusing on their chiropractic care.  Receiving a chiropractic adjustment does wonders for the body and mind by removing the dysfunction and pain from the body in order to achieve optimal health.  Second, we make sure our attitudes are positive and upbeat so that the practice member can receive that as well.  Think about it, when someone smiles and is cheerful, naturally you would want to do the same but if someone is upset or negative you feel that as well and your attitude can change to that rather quickly. Our message is that of hope.  The hope that yes, you are hurting, suffering but you came to the right place.  You can feel better again and strive to achieve optimal health.  The hope that yes, things are not the best right now but it could be worse and there are brighter days ahead.  See, positive energy ascends while negative energy descends.  The more positive you are, the better it makes you and those around you. The more negativity around you, the more it brings you down and those around you as well.  My college instructor called it “stinkin thinkin”.  Your energy also determines the state of your health.  If you focus on getting well and improving you have a way better chance than saying or thinking to yourself that, “I will never get well”, or “This is the way it is going to be and I have accepted it”.  You determine the type of energy you want to have for yourself and what you will transfer to others.


Brian Utley, D.C.