Everything, I believe, happens for a reason.  Nothing is by chance.  The people we meet, the reason why we are late, the choices we make, etc.  It all works in the grand scheme of things and we cannot even begin to understand why.  This is what brings us to our word of the week, APPOINTED.  Appointed is something that has been pre-planned and determined.  Taking it a bigger step forward, appointed is somewhat of being anointed to fulfill the works of our Lord.  Being appointed comes with responsibility.  We have to be prepared when our appointed time comes because if we are not, we may miss out on whatever life has to offer.  When people are in suffering in pain and dysfunction, this can hinder or diminish their appointed time(s) with destiny (Pretty deep).  Every practice member we have seen and will encounter, were appointed to us at that specific time. We have been appointed to serve them to the best of our abilities in order for them to live their life as abundantly as possible.  This is something that we do not take lightly because we do not know how far reaching our chiropractic care can go.  The care we provide is more than just for that individual.  It is for their family, friends, co-workers, the strangers they encounter, our community and even the world.  Piggy backing off our previous word of the week, Energy, we want our practice members to achieve optimal health to restore hope and positivity that is transferred to others so their appointed time can be maximized.


Brian T. Utley, D.C.

Utley Chiropractic


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