A stabilization (“Tendonitis”) strap must be worn at ALL times.

Proper placement for this strap is as followed:

  • Elbow: 2″ below the crease of the arm (towards the hand)
  • Knee: 1″ below the knee cap
  • Apply ice for 10-15 minutes maximum, after any physical activity

On a daily basis, around bedtime, do the following steps:

  • Remove the stabilization strap
  • Apply Bio-Freeze to the area
  • Wrap the area with an ace bandage or “saran” plastic wrap
  • Re-apply the stabilization strap to the affected area
  • Keep the area wrapped until the morning
  • In the morning, remove the wrapping and wash the area
  • Reapply the stabilization strap to the affected area

This cycle is done on a daily basis

WARNING: A diabetic and/or elderly person should consult with the doctor before proceeding with this treatment. If you have any questions, concerns or discomfort with this treatment, please contact us immediately.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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